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Singapore study has become increasingly popular over the course of 5 years. Many students now prefer to study in Singapore instead of the already renowned USA and UK. This transition is due to the rapid development in the educational sector. They are leading charts for many courses. Some of them are mentioned below:

Banking And Finance:

Being the financial centre for business activities in Asia, Singapore has witnessed a spurt in Banking and Finance related courses in the last few years. Of course, one of the reasons behind the boost is the availability of work opportunities in this field.


Being a technology hub, Singapore has made a name among international students in engineering courses. Some of the popular engineering courses are: Bioengineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Civil engineering

Computer Science And IT:

A degree in Computer Science prepares students with particular interest in information technology and computers. Computer science research is related to areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Systems and Networking, Computational Biology, Database Management and so on.


Law in Singapore is such that it is in sync with the law model of most countries. As such, the degree is considered valid and is recognized in countries like Malaysia, UK, US, Australia, Canada among others. Not only that, Singapore’s legal education is seen as one of the best in Asia. The NUS Faculty of Law is widely regarded as Asia’s best law school and one of the most well known international law schools. The Undergraduate LLB degree is awarded after 4 years of study and for students who have a prior degree in any other subject can qualify for the Graduate LL.B. Program, and will obtain their LLB in three years instead of four.

Others Include:

Art and Design
Tourism and Hospitality

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